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It’s been a while since I’ve posted, I have been busy and a bit slow on the take-up for possible bets.

Something stands out right now, and that is that the Conservatives have picked the final 3 candidates for their choice for London Mayor elections in 2020.

Bookies will give you Justine Greening as the shortest priced Conservative candidate at 12-1. Yet she isn’t in the running.

Instead, Shaun Bailey, Andrew Boff and Joy Morrisey are the 3 candidates in the running, and one will be the Conservative Party candidate.

Therefore they are all far too highly-priced and excellent value bets. Well, they would be were Joy Morrisey even in the betting – but alas bookmakers have heard of her just as little as I have.

However, Shaun Bailey has been a rumoured up-coming Conservative star for a couple of years, and at 25-1 with Betfred, seems an excellent choice. There is a buzz about him – I don’t profess to know much about him, but he has worked extensively with youth and crime (kind of an issue in London), and is very pro-business.

You can get 100-1 on Andrew Boff at Sky Bet. I doubt this will last long, Coral already have him at 16-1. A clear-spoken, passionate member of the London Assembley, he did support Brexit which doesn’t especially help in current circumstances in London, but is pragmatic and liberal, and in particular wants a liberalisation of drug laws in the UK.

Yes, I know what you are thinking, “London is a Labour city”.


However, Boris Johnson won the mayorality twice, and there is a lot of antipathy towards Sadiq ‘photo opportunity’ Khan – even some Labour supporters are unimpressed. The Momentum factor may even move some Corbyn-style Labour voters to vote for someone of the far-left, perhaps an independent along the lines of George Galloway.

I’d make Khan the slight favourite – but not 1/3 favourite.

If you are going to take my tip, do it today – as the bookies haven’t caught up with the Conservative Party news from last night.

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