Theresa May’s Buzzword Bingo

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Buzzword Bingo

I should know better than to attempt Buzzword Bingo but hey, it’s Friday tomorrow, there is an important and amazingly revelatory speech on Brexit tomorrow which I am sure that you will all be watching live, and taking great inspiration from – so we might as well have some fun too.

Ladbrokes are the only ones with this market that I have seen – thankfully as I don’t really want to get tempted into spending too much on such a silly market.

This is the list of words or phrases that you can bet on (I’ve left the really stupid ones off the bottom like ‘Rocket Man’ and ‘Have our cake and eat it’ – as much as they tickled me).

I think this has to be a positive speech. As it is being held in Florence, I think it also cannot be too combative towards the EU. I am expecting a mixture of tones from compromise to Boris-style positivity/delusion (delete as per your June 2016 vote).

The only one that really tempts me at all is “bright future”. Theresa May has used this phrase before – it is even on backdrops to her recent speeches. At 4-1 I think it is a steal – there must be at least a 25% chance that she will use the phrase on her recent backdrops.

Hell – it’s even on a video.

If you agree – head over to Ladbrokes.

At least it’ll make tomorrow exciting.

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