Back Boris Now!

United Kingdom

Boris is on maneuvores. He has set out his vision for a Brexit deal in the week before Theresa May makes a big set-piece speech on Brexit.

This must be utterly unacceptable to Theresa May.

Further to that, his piece in the Telegraph is utterly arse-licking towards the leave camp.

This looks clear to me that it is Boris realising that this is his last chance to become Prime Minister, before

If I were Theresa May, I would have sacked him already. But Theresa doesn’t always do things so hastily. However this is a fundamental challenge to her being Prime Minister, and there is clearly no way that she can accept this undermining of her leadership.

She has to sack Boris.

And you can get 6-1 with Ladbrokes, on him being the next cabinet member to leave. I even got a price boost to 13-2…no idea why though.

This was 8-1 this morning, and the odds will only come in further – if she is going to sack him then this could happen as soon as tomorrow. Get on it now.

If you are brave, you can get 9-1 with Paddypower on him being the next Prime Minister. I’m not that brave. But as soon as he goes (assuming he does), then the leadership challenge will be on, and it will be time to place your bets. Hammond, Leadsome and Gove will all tempt me. All power-hungry, and all with a base of support within the party.

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